Pregnancy / Postpartum

Pregnancy / Postpartum Personal Training

Pregnancy / Postpartum
Personal Training

Bridge the gap from baby to fitness with our tailored training.

Often women are told to keep doing what they have always done during pregnancy then postpartum, that they are free to go back to exercise with little to no guidance or education. We offer personalized programming that is tailored specifically with your unique considerations in mind.

Pregnancy / Postpartum Consultation

This 90-minute consultation is for anyone wondering how to modify exercise during pregnancy, returning to fitness postpartum, or navigating exercise with diastasis recti, stress induced incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain. Along with foundational core and pelvic floor considerations, this consultation includes a full movement assessment to assess your individual tendencies including breathe, tension, pressure management and alignment. You will then be given movement strategies, modifications and adjustments to help you meet your fitness goals.

Must complete questionnaire prior to session.

Personal Training for Pregnant / Postpartum Women

Individual personal training sessions for people who are pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. Training plans are tailored to fit your level of fitness, goals, individual pregnancy, and postpartum considerations. This is for moms who are trying to navigate; de loading during pregnancy, rebuilding strength and stability postpartum, stress induced incontinence, diastasis recti, symptoms of prolapse or pelvic pain brought on by movement. You will gain; confidence in yourself, trust that your body is capable, strategies to fall back onto and a program that is both sustainable and brings you joy.

Initial assessment for core, pelvic floor, strength, mobility, etc. required.

Reconnect & Rebuild: Postpartum Strength-Small Group Personal Training

A 6-week class for postpartum moms, focusing on core and pelvic floor health while rebuilding strength. Through progressive exercises, breath work, and mindful movements, you will learn how to reestablish stability and function in your core and pelvic floor muscles. Each session includes tailored exercises to meet your postpartum needs. Whether you’re a new mom or have had multiple pregnancies, this class offers a comprehensive approach to postpartum wellness. Join us to nurture your body, rebuild strength, and embrace the journey of motherhood with confidence and resilience.

Core Strengthening: Targeted exercises to rebuild core strength and stability, addressing diastasis recti and promoting abdominal recovery.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Techniques to strengthen and re-engage pelvic floor muscles, pelvic health.

Back Strength and Stability: Exercises to improve posture, alleviate back pain, and enhance overall spinal health.

Core & Pelvic Floor Connection: Incorporation of breath work to reteach your core and pelvic floor to work together as a system to support movement.

Community Support: A supportive environment where you can connect with other postpartum moms, share experiences, and receive encouragement throughout your journey.

Meet Amisha

Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

In 2016, Amisha welcomed her daughter into the world, marking a significant transition that proved to be immensely challenging. Suddenly thrust into the role of a new mother, she grappled with the demands of nursing, sleep deprivation, and the overwhelming presence of postpartum anxiety, a struggle she initially couldn’t comprehend. Amisha desperately wanted to exercise and feel like herself again. During this time however, there really wasn’t very much information or guidance for returning to exercise after having a baby. Like most, she was cleared at 6 weeks postpartum and sent back to the gym.

It was during this period that she began to recognize the glaring gaps in the fitness industry, a world she had been a part of her entire life. Suddenly, it was the norm that she would just have to wear black and pee on herself during workouts or feel pelvic floor pressure while lifting. Despite her background as a coach, she found herself at a loss, unable to navigate the unique needs of her postpartum body and mind.

Inspired by her own struggles, she embarked on a transformative journey to become a pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach. Determined to be the person she had so desperately sought during her darkest moments, she committed herself to bridging the gap in pregnancy and postpartum fitness guidance. Amisha meets individuals wherever they may find themselves in their own pregnancy/postpartum journey, offering support, guidance, and understanding every step of the way.

Amisha’s Certifications & Credentials

  • Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach (2018)

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)-University of New England
  • B.S. in Kinesiology / Minor in Nutrition – SFA
  • The Female Athlete Course by The Physio Detective, Antony Lo
  • Crossfit L2

  • Crossfit Kids

  • Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals by Chrissy King (2020)

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