Neck Mobility / Stability 1 If there is any restriction and/or pain with cervical rotation, thoracic rotation will be compromised as well. Try these neck mobility and stability exercises to increase or protect degrees of rotation in your backswing: 1. [...]

2023-11-27T22:44:41+00:00November 27, 2023|Golf Fitness, Videos|Comments Off on Neck Mobility / Stability 1

Wrist Mobility / Stability 1 The primary role of the wrists in the golf swing is to control the clubface. The better your wrist position, wrist hinge, and wrist action, the easier it is to hit straight shots. Try these [...]

2023-11-14T12:23:13+00:00November 14, 2023|Golf Fitness, Videos|Comments Off on Wrist Mobility / Stability 1
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